about us


Heartfelt expert Pilates training that sparks personal spirit, activates inner strength and makes you fall in love with life again.

We build a strong foundation of fundamental movement. We learn from one another and accept one another with where we're at. We develop the mindset of being in the present and moving with intention. We get you back to living the lifestyle that makes you feel most alive.

We want to master the seven fundamental movements. We track and measure results to take the guesswork out so we can create the most effective session for you.

We create each session around how you're feeling that day. We assess how you're moving in your body throughout the session to adjust the routine for the best results. We talk through each exercise and use tactile cueing, imagery and visual demonstrations to educate you on the why and how of each exercise, so you can set your intention and understand what result you are looking for.

We choose exercises that will help you move with more ease and comfort. We will challenge you so you can improve on your weakest link. We stay open to new ideas and continue to think outside the box because there is no one answer to an individual body.

We work with a light-hearted, positive attitude. We can expect to find moments of laughter working together. We celebrate our wins!

Enjoy life, have fun and make it a great day!