Time to work the glutes, abs, and upper back muscles with the single leg kick.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.
You want to skip this exercise if you are in acute pain in your back, neck, hip, or shoulders.

We’re going to start on our bellies, feet together and our arms extended out slightly in front of us, forearms on the floor. Arms about shoulder width apart. Palms flat on the floor. First thing that we’re going to do is engage in our glutes by pressing our pelvis toward the floor and feeling the front of our hips open up and our glutes engage.

I’m not just squeezing my cheeks. That will not benefit the function of the glute, so I’m pressing my hips into the mat and feeling my glutes slowly kick in and my abs lift. Feeling like I’m pulling my bellybutton up toward the back of my spine, and then I’m making sure that I’m engaging my upper back so I’m not slumping in my shoulders. I’m pulling my elbows away from my elbow and pressing down into my palms.

I also want to feel like I’m reaching through the crown of my head so I’m not dropping my head or lifting my chin up. I want to have a nice long spine. I’m very active in my entire body before I’ve even started the exercise.

I’m going to inhale two beats with the leg, and then exhale and extend that leg down. Inhale two beats, other side, exhale down. As I’m beating the leg, I’m pressing my hip into the mat so I feel my glutes engage. I’m also staying highly active in the abdominals so I don’t feel any pressure in my lower back.
Oh, I noticed that I was starting to slump in the upper back, so, again, I’m reaching my elbows away from my belly, away from my chest, to activate the upper back muscles.

I’m reaching through the crown of my head, staying fully active in my entire body. That is the single leg kick. It’s a very active, whole-body workout.
Child’s pose to stretch out.
And that is the single leg kick. Have fun with that.

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