We’re going to be doing Chest Lift. This is a great Pilates mat exercise to active the Serratus Anterior.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this exercise if you have any acute pain in your shoulder, upper back, and neck.

I give this out for homework when I want clients to tap into their serratus anterior and get out of the lats. It helps scapular mobility/ stability and shoulder mobility/shoulder placement.

We’re going to be laying down on the floor, on a mat, on the carpet. I’m going to use the Cadillac. I’m going to rest my feet off the Cadillac, but you can put a pillow under your feet if you tend to cramp up in the feet.

You want to have your heels together and your toes apart. Push your heels in toward each other, staying active through the heels to fire up your inner thighs.

Then you’re going to press your hips into the floor, or the mat, so that you feel your glutes engage. You want to make sure that you’re not just squeezing your glutes, but you’re actually moving through hip extension.

You’re pressing through the front of your hips, so you’re actually thinking about the front side of your hips more than the glutes. That will help initiate the activation of the glutes without just squeezing and gripping the glutes.

Then you’ll feel that lift that happens in the pelvic floor, which is a great chain reaction. Then you want to engage in the abdominals and feel your belly button pulling towards the back of your spine as you rest your head down on your hands.

You’re going to engage from your serratus, which is located right by the scapula on the lateral side of the ribcage. You want to feel like you’re wrapping your serratus as you push your chest and your head up off of your hands, staying engaged though the heels and the inner thighs.

Pressing down through the hips, so you feel your glutes engages, your abs engages, reaching through the crown of your head and staying out of the neck.

You’re not over working the lats. You do not want to feel your shoulder blades depress down at all, so you want to stay out of that lat work and stay initiated through the serratus anterior. Then you’re going to resist as you come back down.

Once you’ve finished the chest lift you want to go into a child’s pose to stretch the spine out in the opposite direction. Reaching your bum back towards your feet, opening up the knees nice and wide, and reaching long with the arms, resting your head down on the floor. Just enjoying that stretch for a moment.

That’s the chest lift.

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