“My chiropractor recommended The Body Gallery and I loved it. The exercises really focused in on my core and will be very helpful in keeping my lower back strong.

All of the teachers are really nice and knowledgable.

Cassidy is the best. She is very passionate about helping everyone and her excitement is contagious.” Dan S. Vital 7™ participant/ graphic designer/hiker


I like this testimonial because it gets to the core of things. The vision of the The Body Gallery is seeing a world of people living their active lifestyle, injury free and enjoying their everyday lives. Let’s break the glass ceiling on injury prevention!!

When our clients walk away with more knowledge and use that knowledge in their everyday lives we know we are doing our job and helping to prevent a future injury from happening.

It’s important to us that our clients have a great experience here and feel they have received a high value in education and teaching.

It’s my passion to get our clients moving well, moving smart and back into their active lifestyles. We are meant to be in motion, moving and and living life to our fullest potential. If The Body Gallery can be a part of that I’m a happy girl.


If you want to know more about The Vital 7™ or private sessions at The  Body Gallery please email us today at  pilates@thebodygallery.com

Have Fun, Enjoy Life and Make it Great Day!
Live Long and Strong!
Cassidy and your team at The Body Gallery

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