It’s not just another mat class.

“I signed up for the Vital 7™ program, and was absolutely amazed at the changes in my body. The structure of the program is fantastic.” Dr. Lila R. chiropractor/circus geek





Everyone is out of balance. Do you know what your weakest link is?

“ I was super impressed with the progress we’ve made in just 5 short weeks.” Joanne C. law student

The Vital 7 is like no other Pilates mat class. We evaluate you on 7 fundamental movements, this allows us to assign you to a class that focuses on strengthening the Vital 7™ area you need most.

Working in small groups we offer personal feedback and attention along with the positive motivational force of striving for a group goal. We are focusing on the areas that are throwing YOU out of balance, which in turn will have an overall positive effect of moving you closer to a stronger whole.

Classes have no more than 6 students so the teachers can provide high quality, hands on cueing and the ability to pay attention to the details. It’s group training with a personalized touch.

The education you get, you take with you. We provide homework videos using an app for your tablet or phone, making it easy and accessible to keep improving between classes and after you have have finished the program. It’s a safe, smart workout with long term results.

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How it works.

“I really appreciated the assessment model of the class because it gave me a lot of perspective on how I had improved and what I could continue to work on going forward.” Susanna B. CMT/ yoga practitioner

It starts with a 20 minute movement screening. We take you through 7 different fundamental movements (hence the name The Vital 7™) and rank each movement, then select the class that would benefit you most, based on your ranking.

As we condition our body, our body mechanics change. The purpose of The Vital 7 is to keep up with these changes using the movement screening to test and measure your results. This way we keep up with your most urgent need and keep your imbalances to a minimum, so we can help prevent future injuries.

The classes run for five straight weeks (1-2x a week, your choice). The Vital 7™  is a program dedicated to getting results, so it’s not a drop in class. All participants are committed to attending the full program and are aware there are no make up classes.



What are these 7 fundamental movements?

We use the FMS movement screening developed by, physical therapist, Grey Cook MSPT, OCS, CSCS, RKC. You will be taken through the following 7 movements:

 Deep Squat: Shows us your full body coordination, core stability, postural control and     your functional mobility/stability of your hips, knees, and ankles

•  Hurdle Step: Shows us your mobility/stability of your hips, knees and ankles also you pelvis and core stability. The Hurdle Step is a necessary for movement increasing speed and timing.

 Inline Lunge: Shows us your mobility/stability of your hip, knee, ankle and foot plus the flexibility of your back and thighs. The Inline Lunge is a necessary part of  slowing down and changing direction.

 Shoulder Mobility: Shows us your mobility of your shoulders and  how well they work with your upper back.

 Active Straight Leg Raise: Shows us the mobility of your hip extension, the flexibility of your hamstrings/calves and the stability of your pelvis and core

 Trunk Stability Push Up: Shows us how quickly your core responds and it’s stability

 Rotary Stability: Shows us how quickly you stabilize when shifting your weight. The Rotary is a necessary part of your climbing pattern.


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