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Lila B

Chiropractor/Circus Geek

As a chiropractor and a circus geek, I am very picky about who I work with to make sure my body gets the best care possible - after all, I use it for a living and need to keep it in tip-top shape!

After meeting Cassidy, I knew The Body Gallery was the right place! Her knowledge of the human body and her focus on preventative care is second to none in the pilates world - and she doesn't keep that to herself! Her staff is highly trained and efficient and I wouldn't think twice about working with any of the trainers.

I signed up for the Vital 7 program, and was absolutely amazed at the changes in my body. The structure of the program is fantastic. A small group setting where you get to know your classmates and learn from each other - in a 45 minute weekly class - what busy professional couldn't commit to that?

Are you looking to improve your body function, get moving, and feel like you are working hard in just 45 minutes per week? The Vital 7 is where it's at! The attention to detail is amazing, the instructors are fantastic - and your body will thank you! Call and sign up today - you won't regret it!

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Denise D

CMT who loves the outdoors, including cycling, running and kayaking just to name a few

My name is Denise, and I have a massage and body work practice in San Francisco. So along with my job, that's physically taxing, I love to dance, cycle, run, hike, swim (if I can), kayak, pretty much I like to be very active.

I came to The Body Gallery because I know with my work that I have certain issues that can bring injury. So I came here because I wanted to maintain my health, maintain my strength, and be able to do my job without injury, and also do all the activities that I love.

For someone who's never been here, I would say that it's very inviting and welcoming. You get a chance to really have your one on one specialized attention. It's a nice space where you can actually let go, learn a lot, work hard, and also have a lot of fun.

I know I'm getting results because I do my homework at home, and I see my progression. Also when I'm doing my job, I'm using proper body mechanics, and also when I come in for a session, we get to do a reassessment. So there's a scoring system, it's like instant gratification, I know I'm improving, so it's great."

As I make progress with this work, I'm really looking forward to continuing doing my job, and having a longer duration of doing activity not only with my work, but with all the activities. So I want to be physically active, for a long time. So I'm excited that with this work that it's going to allow me to do that.



Software Engineer who enjoys hiking

Hi I'm Adam, I'm a software engineer. I like hiking and stuff, but I'm not an extremely active person. Well since I spend a lot of time on the computer, I've definitely, over the years developed a repetitive stress injury where my shoulders, and neck would always be stiff and sore, and my wrists, and hands.

It's great how I get so much personal attention. I feel like its more than just Pilates. It's almost like physical therapy. To say that my pain has basically gone away, I rarely have any kind of sickness, or pain, or for a lot longer stretch before I start noticing those things. And I just feel like I learned a lot of habits. Its like they’ve been able to help me, so like I can totally notice my awareness of my body, back and neck, carrying myself, or how I'm sitting in front of the computer. I definitely feel stronger, and more connected, and now that there's feedback and testing, you can measure how well you're doing, and kind of mix it up so its more fun. It’s nice to see that kind of progress.



Hairstylist and enjoys long walks/hikes

I went to Cassidy after neglecting my body for over 2 years of no exercise. I work as a hairstylist and have always suffered from bad backs, aching hips and legs.
I am absolutely amazed at how Cassidy has helped me re-align my body and to strengthen areas to give me full support in my work.

What I also find so amazing is how much she understands the body and I can go in with an ache and pain in my back and she can immediately pinpoint it, press it, manipulate it and the pain is gone!! Bloody Brilliant, as we say in the UK!!!!

It's been almost a year of working with Cassidy and now I don't have any problems with my body at all, and my core strength actually has just that - strength!

There are muscles under there that she found and worked and I don't think I could live without my weekly sessions with Cassidy.

I highly recommend Cassidy and all at The Body Gallery to anyone who needs to fine tune their body : )

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Software Engineer enjoys cross fit

Cassidy at The Body Gallery is fantastic to work with. I know that statement echoes a lot of the other reviews, but it's 100% true.

I've had back issues for several years and I've done a lot of physical therapy (among other things) in the past, with lackluster results. I decided to try something different this year, and a friend recommended Cassidy to me. Working with her has been fantastic. I've learned a ton from our one on one sessions, she's even taught me subtle things that have greatly improved the effectiveness of stretches that I've been doing for years.

Cassidy's insight into the human body and movement is amazing. After watching me walk and evaluating my posture she was able to teach me which of my muscles weren't firing and how that was contributing to my back pain. (Not to mention making me walk funny.) Thanks to her, I'm walking normal now and my back pain is decreasing.

I would highly recommend The Body Gallery to anyone who wants to learn more and improve the way they move.