The Body Gallery is excited to present
The Vital 7: an exercise program for injury recovery and lasting health
based on the 7 movements that we all need to function at our very best

Join us for this revolutionary idea!

Were you once an active person that now misses being on the go? Whether it’s an injury or the general feeling of being out of shape, we have an exercise class that will help you get back to your active lifestyle, a class made just for you!

The Body Gallery is proud to announce a groundbreaking Pilates Mat Class program. This is a pilot program designed for injury prevention and recovery. We are looking for 42 open-minded, enthusiastic and intelligent people to join us for a 14-week series. Your participation and input will help us cultivate and launch a revolutionary idea!

How It Works..

The pilot program runs January 11 – April 15, Monday through Thursday (late afternoon and evening sessions). The Body Gallery will give personalized assessments throughout the series to learn where you may need the most help as well as to record your improvement! You will then be specially assigned one 45-minute class to attend per week in your own unique program.

Imagine taking a class designed for your needs and knowing everyone in the class is sharing in that journey with you. Our mission is to break through common views on exercise and use Pilates as a tool to prevent future injuries! We want you to live a full life in the one and only body you’re given. Let’s make it last!

Who Is This For?

This series is ideal for the busy professional, the business owner, or software engineer who wants to keep up with their active lifestyle.

When we feel good in our bodies, we have more confidence. When we are more confident, we feel stronger. When we feel stronger we feel like we can do more. When we do more, we feel happier. When we’re happier, our lives are more joyous and fulfilling. That’s what we want: A full life in the one and only body we get in our lifetime!

$300 for the series (All this for only $25 a class!)

You interested? Pilot Program is limited in size. Sign up today on EventBrite

Please note this is not a rehabilitation program. If you are currently injured and in acute pain we recommend you contact your doctor today.

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