Pilates is one of the best modalities for postpartum exercise because it can be safe and gentle. A Pilates program for postnatal care focuses on the whole body with special attention to the core muscles.

What do we mean when we say the core muscles? It’s more than just the abdominals. The core consists of the deep abdominals, the muscles closest to the spine, the pelvis and the shoulder girdle.

Pilates focus on the core is important for the recovery process because it can help improve alignment. Our alignment shifts from pregnancy. Postural deviations occur due the laxity of the muscles and joints.

It’s important to take the time to rebuild the strength properly and safely so we don’t hurt ourselves. If we rush back into our old exercise routine without the foundation being secure than we are prone to injury. It’s easy to injure ourselves after pregnancy and being injured with a new baby is debilitating.

I used Pilates for my recovery after birth and appreciated the thorough and smart approach to rebuilding my strength. It helped me to keep up with the demanding lifestyle of a new mother.

I am happy to be working with Reeves again! She’s back after giving birth to a handsome baby boy. Congratulations Reeves!!

I saw this article about Pilates for new mothers and liked what it had to say.  

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