Time for Wall Roll Down which is a great exercise to help find more movement in your spine. Oh and it works your core too!!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any fitness routine. You want to skip this exercise if you’re in acute pain in your back.

Cassidy is going to have her feet a few inches away from the wall and feel her spine connect to the wall. You want to make sure that you don’t have a huge gap behind the ribs.  You’re going to start with the inhale and on the exhale just feel the rib cage melt back into the wall.

The shoulders aren’t rounding, just feeling that exhale and feel the side of the ribs connecting on the exhale. Notice the back of your head is connected to the wall, scapula in the pockets as you  pull your belly towards the spine on the exhale.

Next, you’re going to drop your chin to your chest. Exhale, pull that belly button in and lift one vertebrae off the wall. Arms are going to dangle so there’s no tension in the neck and shoulders.

My hands are right in front of Cassidy’s belly button. Contract there and feel your belly button towards your spine. You’re going to go as low as you can. Then you’re going to soften your knees and transfer your weight to the balls of your feet because you want to feel your hamstrings and lower back stretching.

Keep your feet where they are, bring your knees in line with your second and third toe so you keep proper alignment. Drop the pelvis against the wall, and now, the first thing that’s going to touch is the sacrum.

The very first thing is that pelvis is going to tuck, that belly pulls in. You’re really pulling that belly in towards the lower back because you want to work the deep abdominals. You feel the lower back make contact with the wall, the middle back and shoulders are still soft. The upper back and shoulders will fall back. Your mid back makes contact next because you’re focusing on the articulation of the spine, moving through each vertebrae. Lastly your upper back, shoulders and head will make contact with the wall. You are working one vertebrae at a time so the upper back and shoulders will make contact before the head.

Remember to keep breathing as you do the exercise because you wan to keep your muscles as supple as possible. You wan to stretch and find more mobility, not get tighter and your breath will help you to stay relaxed.

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