Time for a simple tricep stretch. Sound good?

It’s important to keep our triceps stretched out because when they get tight they restrict and impede the movement of our shoulder girdle and shoulder. To keep healthy mechanics of the shoulder girdle and shoulder, it’s important to include the triceps in your stretching routine.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to you doctor before beginning any exercise routine.  You want to skip this stretch if you are in acute pain in your neck and/or shoulders.

We’re going to take one arm and bring it behind us and place our other hand on the elbow. Exhale, pull the elbow towards the floor and on the inhale release the stretch. Make sure you’re not pulling your elbow out to the side. We want to make sure we’re pulling it down, towards the floor,  because that’s how we’ll get the stretch in our tricep.

If you’re finding it difficult to reach the elbow with the opposite hand, use a strap or a towel because will ease the discomfort and strain. On the exhale, you’ll pull the strap/towel down towards the floor to get the stretch, and then you’ll inhale and release. It’s a great modification if you feel you’re tight and restricted and don’t have the range of motion to reach the opposite shoulder.

I have an important note!  Don’t do this stretch for very long because it does impede the blood flow of the shoulder. Keep it short and simple. You just want to feel like you get a little more range of motion before you switch to the other side.

It’s short, simple, sweet and it can help keep the mechanics of the shoulder girdle and shoulder healthy and functioning properly.

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