Let’s show ourselves some TLC with a shoulder and upper back stretch because we deserve to feel good!

This video has not been modified from injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this stretch if you are in acute pain in your neck or shoulder.

This is a great stretch when we’re feeling tight in our upper back and our shoulders. My clients and myself get tight there a lot. Do this stretch standing or sitting whether you’re at your desk or waiting for the bus. Nice and easy!

Let’s begin with the left side. I’m going to put my left elbow into the crook of my right elbow then cross my hands together as I use my right arm to pull my left arm in towards my chest. On the exhale, I’m going to reach my arms up and on the inhale, bring them back down. Repeat.

I want to go up as high as I can without my shoulders lifting up. I also want to make sure that I’m not compressing my shoulders down and locking down my shoulder blades. You want to make sure you feel nice and relaxed in the shoulders, just letting the shoulder blade glide up and down. Exhaling into the stretch, inhaling out if it.

Stop and switch sides when you feel like you have gotten more range of motion.

To stretch my right side I’m gonna place my right elbow into the left nook of my left elbow. Cross my hands, and I’m gonna pull my right arm into my chest using my left arm. I’m gonna exhale and reach up. Inhale, down.

I’m gonna repeat that until I feel like I’ve gotten more range of motion because we want to know we have been effective.  And that’s it, that’s the stretch. It’s simple and easy to do anywhere.

Be aware you can overstretch. Stretches should feel gentle yet productive and remember, pain is signal to stop, do not push through it. You shouldn’t feel sore the next day. Lay off the stretch if think you may be overdoing it because you want make sure you feel good, right?!

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