Time to open up our hips with the modified inline lunge! A modified version of an exercise I learned from Tom McCook. Thanks Tom.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any fitness routine. Common contraindications for this exercise would be acute glute or external rotator pain, and hypertonic quads, which inhibit the glute from working.

We are doing a hip extension exercise, or stretch which is really about opening up the front of the hip and getting the bum to turn on.

Cara is in a lunge position, she’s got her toes curled under for support. Make sure the foot’s lined up with the knee and hip. Watch out for unconsciously going into a lunge because that’s not truly opening up the hip or extending the hip.

Make sure that that hip stays nice and lined up with the knee so you feel this intense stretch down the front of the thigh into the knee and from the hip flexor down into the quads.

Make sure  you feel the bum turned on but be careful of just clenching it. We want the bum to turn on naturally so it can function better. Be aware of your posture because it’s easy to lean back and we don’t want to stress out our lower back. You want to make sure you feel like you’re a little forward in the upper body.

Feel the lift through the belly and make sure the front leg has a nice 90 degree angle. Feel the tripod of the foot, your weight through the big metatarsal, the little toe metatarsal, and your heel.

If you’re in this stretch correctly,  you’re definitely going to feel that burning stretch down the front, and feel the bum on.


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