Time for the lat stretch!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this exercise if you are in acute pain in your shoulder.

When our lats get overly tight, they can actually lock down our shoulder blade and decrease the range of motion in our shoulder blades. If shoulder blades get locked down, they can impede the range of motion that we have in our shoulders. When I’m working with clients that have shoulder mobility issues, a lot of the time, we’ll find that the lats are part of the issue. Generally, they’re too tight.

We’re going to do a simple lat stretch and you want to use something at home that you can grasp on to, a doorway or a handle on a door. Place your hand in line with your shoulder, not below or up above and go into a flat back position. Make sure not to round your upper back or sink into your lower back. Keep a nice flat back and lightly engage the abs. Be careful not to flare through the ribs.

On the exhale, you’re going to pull away from what you’re holding on to. On the inhale, you’re going to come back in. Repeat.

You want to feel for the movement of the shoulder blade. Feel the shoulder blade reaching up towards your ear as you’re pulling back, and feel the shoulder blade move back down towards your pelvis when you come in. You’re really feeling for that movement of the shoulder blade because we want it to unlock from the ribcage. Once you feel like you’ve increased your range of motion, go ahead and switch sides.

Be aware of, numbing, tingling, and burning sensations. You don’t want to feel anything like that. You want it to feel like a nice, easy stretch. Make sure not to bend your arm because we want to move from the shoulder blade. Remember it’s about getting more movement in the shoulder blade.

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