Time to work on shoulder mobility with the corrective child’s pose!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any fitness routine.

All right, we will be doing the Corrective Child’s Pose. The intention of this exercise is to stretch out the lats, and get more movement in the upper back scapula area. This exercise should feel like a gentle stretch. If you feel any pain while doing this exercise, please stop.

I learned this from Tom McCook. Thank you Tom.

So we’re in a child’s pose, and we want it to be a little wide. I want Cara to open up her knees a little more. Now she’s going to stabilize her left scapula by engaging in her lat; she’s got her left palm down on the floor, so she’s stabilizing this side.

Now she’s going to move this scapula. And so she’s going to reach her arm away from her waistline and feel that right scapula move up, and then she’s going to track it back down. She’s moving the scapula, getting some scapula mobilization here as she’s stabilizing on this side.

We’re working stabilization and mobilization at the same time. What we want to watch out for is that there’s no movement right now in the spine. She’s being nice, and stable here and she’s isolating the movement of the scapula.

Now, if she wants to increase her stretch she’s going to come off of her feet with her sacrum, and her bum as she comes forward.

Then we would do that on the other side.

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