Time to improve our ankle mobility!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any fitness routine. If you have any acute pain in your ankles, I would suggest passing on this exercise.

I learned this from Psoas Massage and Bodywork, so thank you very much Psoas.

Cara is going to walk forward with a Thera-Band wrapped around her ankle and connected to something heavy. Walk forward until you feel a good amount of tension from the Thera-Band because we’re going to use the Thera-Band to inhibit the dorsiflexor muscles.

Stand with your feet hip width apart and go into knee bends. The intention of the exercise is to work on ankle mobility, so we want to make sure the dorsiflexors in the front of the ankle are nice and relaxed and that’s where the Thera-Band comes in, it helps inhibit those dorsiflexor muscles from firing up.

We want to have the intention of keeping it relaxed as we go into the knee bend, so when we the dorsiflexor tightens up, we notice it and help to release it. We also want to feel the tripod of the foot. So you feel your first metatarsal down, your fifth metatarsal down, and heel all the way down. Cara is checking to see if her knee is tracking over her second and third toe. Making sure you have nice alignment. You probably want to do this about ten times, and of course we would switch that to the other side. Thanks Cara.

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