Aww. I just received these kind words from a client and it’s such an amazing feeling to be a part of someone’s life changing recovery process. It’s moments like these that make my day because I was able to change someone’s life for the better. Such a thrill!

“15 years of lower back pain from disc herniations and 50+ different docs and body work specialist. I’ve done it all. Cassidy not only helped me heal and build strength, she gave me the gift of understanding my own body better, and that is more empowering than going to any doctor, masseuse, or chiropractor out there. I’ve learned, through Cassidy, how to restore and heal my body on my own. Imagine that! She’s intuitive, pragmatic, and empathetic. She’s one of kind and I recommend her 100+% to anyone dealing with chronic pain and/or recovering from a back injury.” Jaclyn K.

Working with clients like Jaclyn is the highlight of my experience because it’s inspiring and rejuvenating.

Our bodies speak to us. The twinges, the stiffness, and the small pains we feel, are messages from our bodies. Our bodies are telling us that something isn’t working right. That’s when I want to work with a client. It’s the moment before the injury occurs. I want to stop the injury from happening in the first place!

Many injuries occur over a long period of time caused by muscle imbalances that stress out our bodies but we have been taught to ignore the signs the body gives us, like the tweaks and twinges, and we keep pushing along, until one day, we go to tie our shoe and our back goes out. Or we go to reach up to the top cabinet and our shoulder starts screaming with sharp pain. Ouch!

These examples are some of the most common types of injury stories we hear from our clients. They were just living their lives, doing normal, everyday stuff and boom! Out of, what we think is no where, we hurt ourselves but, the real answer is we have been out of balance so long and did nothing about it, until it was too late. Now, of course, accidents do happen but many injuries CAN BE PREVENTED.

I believe we can move with strength and ease.  It’s a beautiful, effortless balance, if we learn how to move well. That’s what I want to do, teach you how to move well, so you hurt less, last longer and live a full life.

The vision of the The Body Gallery is seeing a world of people living their active lifestyle, injury free and enjoying their everyday lives. Let’s break the glass ceiling on injury prevention!! Our mission is to educate the world on the value of injury prevention and how to teach people to move well so they can live long, strong and enjoy their fun time!

If Jaclyn’s experience sounds familiar to you, we might just make a great team too! If you want more information and have questions for me, email me. I’m happy to chat and answer all of your questions.




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