If you are recovering from an injury and are no longer in acute pain, we may be the solution for you. Are you ready to get back to your active lifestyle? Do you want to learn how your body works and be educated about it? We are looking for self-disciplined go-getters who are ready to put in the work and make change happen!
We generally work with active professionals in their late 20’s-50’s recovering from foot, knee, hip, and lower back injuries. We have worked with basketball players, bicyclists, cross fitters, hikers, paintballers, runners, skiers, social and professional dancers, surfers, swimmers, volleyball players, weight lifters, and yogis.

Yes! We are results oriented! We track your results on a regular basis, adjusting the program as needed to continue improving your movement ranking. You can actually see your scores improve!

You can expect a Pilates program tailored to your specific movement and postural needs. We will test and measure our results on an ongoing basis, taking out the guess work of what you need to create balance in the body. We will help you overcome your personal challenge and prevent future injuries. We will provide videos to reinforce the homework and access to your trainer.

Our space is warm, welcoming, cozy and filled with natural light; it feels like you’re in a friend's living room. We are great hosts, offering water (bubble or flat) and snacks as our gift to you. We honor the time you spend with us and give you our full attention while you are in session with us.

You will get 100% attention during your session, the studio is all yours!


Our clients take accountability for their recovery and healing process. We provide education and guidance, and our clients do the necessary work. They do the homework and come in at least 2x a month for better and faster results. Our clients value their time and ours by showing up for appointments and by staying consistent and committed to their recovery and healing process.

The Starting Point Package (for new clients only)

  • a full postural assessment
  • 2 movement screenings
  • 7 private sessions with the equipment
  • homework videos
  • access to trainer via email



The Rock Star Package (for continuing clients)

  • a full postural assessment
  • 1 movement screening
  • 6 private sessions with the equipment
  • access to homework videos
  • access to trainer via email



Single Session


Both packages may be used at your own pace, they do not expire!


Something comfortable you can move around in but not loose so we can pay close attention to your form. Generally the ladies wear fitness pants, (yoga or running) with a form fitting tee shirt or tank top. The men generally wear bicycle shorts with basketball shorts over and a tee shirt. No shoes.

You may use your HSA or FSA if you have a prescription from a doctor or chiropractor. We accept cash, check, Visa and Master Card.