Take care of your toes and feet

Each of your feet (and toes) have a lot of moving parts—so it’s no surprise that there are also countless problems that can come along with them.

Movements that improve range of motion, such as the toes and foot stretch below, can help in a number of ways:

  • Reduces your chance of getting hurt.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Enables your muscles to provide better support for your feet/toes.

Today, we’re gonna be doing a simple stretch for our toes and feet. So, we’re going to be standing. The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna bend one knee and go up onto the toes a little bit. So, sort of Relevé position so to speak. Now, there are some things to think about while we’re in this stretch. We want to try to be reaching our knee over our second and third toe so we’ve got a nice alignment there. And, we want to feel that stretch in the bottom of the toes.

Now, what’s going on, on the standing side is important to think about so we’re not just hanging out and dumping into the opposite hip. So, we do want to make sure that we feel grounded through that standing side, feeling the tripod of the foot. So, you’re feeling the weight on the first metatarsal, the fifth metatarsal, and the through the heel. So, that you actually feel a little bit of glute work happening on the opposite side. Just so you know you’re not dumping into that opposite hip.

Move into the stretch

And, you want to just kind of move into that stretch a little bit. So, when I exhale, I try to increase the stretch a little bit, inhale come out of it. And, I repeat that. I start feeling that stretch. And, I feel the fascia getting a little stretch – feels a little bit like a slight burn. That’s enough.

Then we’re gonna switch and curl our toes under. And, again, trying to reach our knee over the foot. So, we’re not just crushing into the toes, but our energy is going out over the foot, so we get a nice stretch in the front of the foot. And, again, what’s happening on the standing leg? Right. I don’t wanna be sinking into that opposite hip. So, I wanna feel grounded through the standing foot, feel a little bit of glute engagement on that standing leg, making sure I’m not walking out the knee on the standing side. So, I’ve got good support, and I’m not just bracing my joints and sinking into them.

Again, when I exhale, I’m kind of reaching the knee over the foot a little bit, inhale and releasing, and exhaling back into that stretch. I definitely feel it. It’s a good stretch. So, then I might kind of just shake it out a little bit after that.

Switch to the other toes and foot

Then, I’ll go to the other side. Again, into the toe stretch. What’s happening on the standing leg is really important. You don’t wanna be bracing the knee, locking out that knee joint. So, we wanna have a soft knee, feel the glute. We don’t wanna sink into that hip. And, using the breath to … using the exhale to increase the stretch, inhale and release it a little bit. Just doing what you feel you need. You’ll start to kind of feel that stretch of the fascia and feel the stretch of the muscles, and then you wanna switch.

Stretch out the front of the foot, trying to direct the knee over the foot. So, you’re not just crushing down into the toes. This side feels tighter for me. I’m using my exhale, noticing that I wanna kind of start locking out this knee. So, I’m also paying attention to what’s going on, on the standing side, making sure I don’t just sink into that opposite hip. Yep. It’s a good stretch.

Shake it out

Then, when I feel like I’ve gotten some good stretch. You know, improved range of motion, must kind of shake it out a little bit. And, that’s it. A simple foot stretch. You can repeat if you like. Remember you don’t wanna feel any numbing or tingling sensations. That’s it. Enjoy!

No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

All right my friends. This is a good reminder for me when I’m putting myself down, giving myself a hard time, because I’ve made a mistake. I’ve had a setback. My progress is slower than I want it to be. Just to keep realizing that I am moving forward.

All right. Until next time. Take care, and thanks for being here with me.

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