Tell us about yourself, perhaps a fun fact, what you do for a living, a favorite quote, what you’re passionate about?
My name is Chris Moen. I’m a personal trainer and owner of Moen Fitness, a company specializing in creative fitness solutions for all. Whether through virtual coaching, personal training, in-person coaching, or mentorship; my passion is empowering others to empower themselves, specific to each individual I come in contact with.

I grew up in small town Iowa. Less than 1500 people, flat, and very agriculturally focused.

From an early age, I had an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to create. Around the age of 11, I was the inventor of a few contraptions for cat owners, aptly named: The Cat Feeder 2000, its follow-up The Cat Feeder 3000, and my third invention, The Med-Pet Wrap, which got me to the “Invention Convention” state finals.

I graduated with a bachelor’s of science in Kinesiology from Iowa State University, then moved out to California back in 2010.


How do you spend your free time? What activities do you enjoy? How did you get into these and how long have you been doing them?
I’m a big lover of music, the outdoors, movement, education, cooking, sketching, photography, card-playing, playing sports, watching sports, movies and sleep.

I live for those concerts where I get to throw my arms up in the air and the rest of my body is just moving along to the beat. It’s all about a good beat! I can either be really boring in the background cozied up in a book or dancing on top of a table, depends on when you catch me!

I’m very passionate about the studies of history (specifically traditional societies and ancient civilizations), geography, current global events, neuroscience, sports psychology, and biomechanics.


How do you feel or what are your thoughts on self-care?
We are blessed to have bodies that function for ourselves and allow us to be able to read this very sentence. We must be thankful for the gifts we’ve been given and find our own recipes for best self-care.

The most important thing to understand is that the person that can best take care of themselves, is themselves. We are what we do repeatedly over time. Make good choices.

We are nothing to our family/friends/employer if we are not well! Wellness only comes when both the Mind and Body are in balance.


What brought you to The Body Gallery?
I had originally come upon The Body Gallery through Yelp when searching for training studios, and was very pleased with what I saw on the website and the overall training philosophies that are practiced.

What’s kept me coming back time and time again is the care and attention the instructors provide for along with the sound principles upon which their training is based. Plus, the atmosphere just puts me into the mood to take time to focus on improving myself in that moment.


What excites you most about The Vital 7 class program and how do you feel it will improve your quality of life?
I love the format behind the program, anything that is fully based around developing skills with the body peaks my interest. Muscles are much better when they are useful in helping you master new skills or polish up old ones!

With proper training programs, one starts with the basics and progress forward from their toward their goal skills. I’m looking forward to the increased accountability of other attendees of the The Vital 7 class program.


Any words of advice for anyone new to their own self-care journey?
Most important at the beginning is to establish the habit of showing up and setting aside time. Protect that time in your schedule! If you must reschedule your self-care/workout time, be sure to ACTUALLY reschedule that time – within the same week.

Also, protect yourself from projecting others fitness goals onto yourself and keep it positive. After that point in time, the body begins to reinforce movement more and makes life soooo much easier.

Stick with it! Use an app, get a workout buddy, a trainer, or whatever else that holds you accountable and gets you to show up to your workouts
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