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Sweet! Hunter Pence realizes the benefits of Pilates!

I appreciate The SF Giants, they’re my home team!! I have a starter cap, a couple of t shirts  and a jacket that I rock whenever I go to a game. Nothing like being a part of the crowd, cheering the team on, eating some grub and watching the ball fly.

Players push their bodies beyond the norm and make incredible plays happen, sometimes at the expense of their well being. One thing I really appreciated, about the article below, was the long term sustainability Hunter Pence is talking about.

It’s cool to read about Pilates being used to help pro athletes gain more flexibility, movement and strength.  According to this ESPN article, written by senior writer Jim Caple, it was the oblique strain that Hunter Pence to start doing Pilates because there wasn’t anything else he could do. He appears to be in great form and feels great! Yay!

I love Pilates because it can adapt to the needs and capabilities of the client in any particular moment. It can be gentle enough for recovery injury and challenging enough to build strength. It teaches you how to move well and get things back the right way. The body needs the balance between flexibility and strength to perform at it’s best.

At The Body Gallery we love getting clients back to their active routine, helping them to prevent future injuries so they can get back to enjoying life and playing the sports they love.

Check out the ESPN article on how Hunter Pence credits Pilates to help prepare for the baseball season.

Who do you know that wants to get back into their baseball routine, we may be able to help! Go ahead and pass this info along to your life loving peeps that could benefit from this.

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