We just got a sweet  5 star review on Yelp, thanks Sunshine!! She attended The Vital 7™ class program and has gotten great results!

2016 = the year of alignment for me.
Working with the Body Gallery is educational and made easy.

My experience in signing up for The Vital 7 mat class started with an assessment of my range of motion. This assessment helped The Body Gallery place me in the proper class for my body needs.  I have needs and The Vital 7 is fulfilling them. Even though The Vital 7 is group class, the attention to detail and care my instructor has given me has been excellent and feels like a private 1 on 1 class.  If I’m not performing the exercise correctly the instructor helps to correct my movement while encouraging me to reach my full potential. I really like this type of communication.
The Body Gallery is helping me to prevent injury in my right rotator cuff, hips and neck though education in movement.  My day to day life has improved and I feel better about the range of motion I am achieving though a customized class to suit my needs.
Thank you Body Gallery for getting me back on track, to healthy movement.

If you have lost range of movement/motion, or recovering from an injury CALL TODAY for an assessment, your body will thank you!

If you want to learn more about The Vital 7™ class program, email us today!        

Make it a great day, enjoy life and have fun!                                                                    
Live Long and Strong!                                                                                          
Cassidy and your team at The Body Gallery

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