Hi BG Friends!

A few weeks ago I decided to get the hell outta dodge and head down to Santa Cruz with an old girlfriend of mine. Originally I was supposed to leave town with my hubby but he was too stressed and didn’t want to go. Me, on the other hand, when I’m stressed I WANT to get out of the city. My hubby encouraged me to leave town with a friend instead (so supportive) so I spontaneously called up an old girlfriend (who I had not hung out with in YEARS) and asked her if she wanted to pick and go. A few hours later we’re in Santa Cruz enjoying a delicious dinner, sleeping in, enjoying the day on the beach and riding the Giant Dipper. Although we were only gone for 24 hours it felt delightfully fun and restful. Moral of the story: it’s ok if we have different needs but you still gotta do what you gotta do to stay refreshed, inspired and enjoying life!

What about you? How do you relieve stress so you can go out, have fun and enjoy life!

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