Ok Foodies’! This may not be what you’re expecting, but my simple pleasure moment of the day was enjoying some finely made tater tots!!!

Now, this may not seem like a big deal to most of you out there, but I have been missing my tater tots for over two years. You see, I can not normally have them because they are usually made with sunflower oil and sometimes wheat flour, neither of which I can have, because I have a food sensitivity to both.

You can only imagine the huge smile on my face when I passed by these finely made tater tots in Whole Foods. Yes, I said it, Whole Foods. They were made with canola oil and corn flour and I’m happy to say, I can have both of these things!!

Oh you know it! I took one of the small to go boxes and stuffed it full of tater tots, the whole time, smiling, knowing I was about to indulge in one of favorite foodie pastimes. I could hardly wait to finish my grocery shopping. I was all about the tater tots. I even took a  picture and sent to my friend, knowing he would appreciate it. You see, I’m not the only tater tot lovin’ person in my world.

So yummy and all gone now.

So that was my simple pleasure moment of the day, finely made tater tots and I enjoyed every one them! What about you? What was your simple moment; I’d like to hear about it, do share.


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