Time for swan with the roller to work our spinal extension! Another client favorite that I’m happy to bring back while on vacation!

This exercise has been helpful for many of our clients and we want to share it with you; it can help counter all the desk sitting/computer work we do all day long.
When we feel better, we live better! And you know us, at The Body Gallery it’s all about enjoying life and having fun!
Swan with roller is one of our clients’ favorite Pilates home exercises, it helps strengthen the upper back and improves spinal movement.
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Here is the transcript if you prefer to read along:

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues.  Please talk to your doctor before beginning any fitness routine.

Okay, we’re going to do Swan with the Roller.

The purpose of the Swan is to improve the extension of the spine, and open up the chest, and it’s a whole body exercise.

For your safety, please skip on this exercise if you have any acute pain in your spine or disc issues.  Thank you.

So Cara is going to demonstrate for us. She’s going to have her heels together.  She’s got them hanging off the Cadillac.  If you’re doing this on the floor, you can always put a little pillow under your feet. She wants to feel her inner thigh, and bum connection working by pressing her heels in towards each other.  She wants to have a nice wide stance on the roller because the closer your arms are, the more challenging it is to stay out of the neck.

We exhale to prepare the swan, and when you exhale, you’re going to engage in your deep abdominals, you’re going pull the belly deep and wide as you exhale.  You’re also going to connect into the lats, into the back muscles on the exhale.  So you’re going to pull your shoulders down on the exhale as your pulling the deep abdominals in.

Cara is going to go ahead and prep on the exhale, and then on the inhale, she’s going to go into the swan, and she’s going to make sure she’s really tapped into the lats, and into the belly so that she’s not causing any stress in her lower back.  And then on the exhale, she’s going  to come back down.

So the thing we want to watch for during the swan is the lat, is the lat connection working?  If you lose that back muscle connection, you’re going to have the your shoulders creep up towards the ears, and that’s really uncomfortable.

And then the other thing we want to watch for is lower back compression.  So you want to make sure that you feel the bum, and lots of  deep abdominals so that you’re not compressing and hurting the lower back.

And then we always want to finish with the Child’s Pose to stretch out the spine in the opposite direction.

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