Pilates helps improve bad posture and strengthens your core!

My client, Reeves, asked I take a before and after picture of our session together.  She wanted to see the changes in her posture. We were so excited to see how much she had opened up just after one session!

What do you think we did to achieve such great results?

Crazy thing is we NEVER did anything with her upper body. We focused on her lower half for the entire session. I started at her feet. We rolled out the bottoms of her feet and stretched her calf muscles before doing footwork that turned on and strengthened her arch support muscles. Then we released and stretched out her quads and  hip flexors before strengthening her glutes. Once we got all that working we focused on strengthening  her core.

That’s it, the end of our hour was up and we took the after picture. The changes in her upper body were significantly different. We were very happy with the results.

Sometimes the answer is on the opposite side of the body.

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