Time to stretch out with the wall chest stretch!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this chest stretch if you are in any acute pain in your shoulder or your chest.

We’re going to be doing a stretch for the front of our shoulders, the anterior deltoid, as well as the pecs major and minor, and for our serratus anterior. I like it because there’s no tools needed, just a wall, so you can do this just about anywhere.

This is a great stretch to help with rounded shoulders. It can help alleviate the symptoms, the pain that you may get at the top of the shoulder blade.

We’re going to stand facing the wall with our feet hip width apart. Our hips are actually close together, so not wide like our pelvis or our shoulders. Nice and narrow, hip width apart. We’re going to place our hands just above our head. Back up from the wall enough so that when you exhale to roll down, you feel a stretch in those places I mentioned, the shoulder, the chest, and a little bit of the serratus anterior.

I’m going to go back just a little bit more. Now, I’m feeling the stretch. I’m feeling it in the front of my shoulder. I’m feeling it in the chest and also in the serratus anterior. I want to exhale into the stretch. Then, I’m going to inhale out of the stretch. I’m going to exhale into the stretch. Inhale out of the stretch.

As I’m exhaling into the stretch, I do check to see if my pelvis and trunk are lined up, so that I’m not rotated or tilted in my pelvis or in my upper back. I’m just repeating that until I feel like I’ve got an increased range of motion and I feel that my chest, serratus and shoulder have opened up a little bit. That’s it. That’s the stretch. Enjoy.

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