Time to work out our abs with the Pilates exercise, single leg stretch!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this exercise if you are in any acute pain in your hip, glute, back, or neck.

We will definitely be working our rectus abdominals because we’re going to be in an upper ab curl. But the deep rooted benefit of this exercise is to strengthen the transverse abs, our deepest layer of abdominals. You’re gonna do this by making sure that your pelvis stays completely still. We want to make sure the pelvis doesn’t rotate or tilt while doing the exercise.

We’re gonna start in the tabletop position, and then go into an upper ab curl. Let’s make sure we’re using our abs to do that and not our upper back, which is very common.

You’re gonna take a breath in and then on the exhale you’re gonna go into an upper ab curl as you extend one leg out. Now the leg that’s extended out, it’s very important that it’s at an angle in which your abdominals will support.

The lower down you go, the more challenge it will be for your deep abdominals. Make sure that you’re not feeling your lower back kick in as the leg goes down. Bring your leg to your personal challenge point where you’re not gonna hurt your lower back.

You’re gonna inhale twice through the nose, exhale twice out the mouth as you switch legs. All the while making sure your lower back stays imprinted on the floor.

You definitely want to feel those upper abs working, and you want to feel the deep neck flexors working. You don’t want to feel any strain in the back of the neck or the upper back. Also want to make sure you’re keeping your shoulders away from your ears.

Now I’m definitely starting to get a burn at this point, so I’m gonna go ahead and rest. That’s the single leg stretch. Give myself hug.

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