Let’s do the reverse bridge to strengthen our glutes and open up our upper thoracic spine because it can help counter all the hunching over at our desks!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this exercise if you are in acute pain in your back, neck, hip, or glutes.

The reverse bridge is about opening up the front of the hips, getting the bum to work and function properly, and also opening up the thoracic spine.

We’re going to start in a sitting position with our feet inline with our knees and hips. We’re going to have our hands and arms behind us, fingers pointed towards our feet.

We engage in our abs and concentrate on the front of the hips opening up as we go in to the reverse bridge. We will feel a lot of glute and belly work as we open up our chest and get higher into the reverse bridge. Let’s work our abs to protect our backs. We don’t want to feel our backs gripping or getting sore.

We’re focusing on opening up the front of the hips because that’s what really gets our bum engaged, finding that hip extension. Hip extension comes from the glute max. We don’t clench and squeeze the glutes, because that doesn’t help us find the function of them.

As we get higher up our arms will work more and we’ll begin to feel the whole body working to maintain the reverse bridge. We want to make sure that we’re not hyperextending the elbows because we want to protect our joints. Let’s make sure that the muscles are working around the joint and not bracing.
At the top of the reverse bridge we want to feel our glutes working more than our hamstrings, our belly pulling in deep and wide, our chest opening up and our arms working.

That’s the reverse bridge. Have fun with that!

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