We are going to do the plank!!  One of my staple Pilates exercises. A challenging exercise that works your whole body from head to toe. If you find this exercise easy, you’re probably not doing it right. We can always tap deeper into our core strength. Pilates never gets easy since we can continue to develop our mind/body connection.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Please Note: This is not a modified version. Skip this exercise if you’re in any acute pain.

We’re going to start in a quadruped position, on all fours, making sure that my hands are slightly in front of my shoulders because I want to engage my upper back muscles. I want to make sure that my elbows are not hyperextended so I can access my muscles and not lock out my joints. I want to make sure that my feet are lined up with my knees and that my hips are over my knees, not back or forward of my knees.

I’m going to engage in my inner thighs, I’m gonna feel my inner thighs pulling in towards each other and therefore engaging my pelvic floor, transverse abs, inner thighs and a little bit of bum. Of course, I’m reaching through the crown of my head, trying to keep my best  alignment.

I’m going to extend one leg out behind me, keeping my glute engaged and my knee soft so I’m not locking out my knee joint. On the exhale I’m going to bring my other leg to meet it. Making sure that my bum stays on and my knees stay soft. My abs and upper back muscles are engaged. I’m reaching through the crown on my head. Making sure that my elbows are soft so I’m not locking out my joints. And there’s my plank.

Finally, go into a child’s pose afterward because it’s important to stretch out.

Have fun with the plank!

Special tip for you: Watch your hyperextension. DO NOT brace your elbows or your knees. Hyperextension consequently causes you to brace your muscles and it’s harder to access them properly. You will work your arms, bum and legs more if you keep your joints soft.

I give this this exercise for homework because it’s a great strength builder.  My clients tend to build up their practice. Start with 4x a week. Once you have that habit down then add a day. Hold the plank only as long as you can keep your optimal form. Do not sacrifice your form for quantity! Quality over quantity each and every time because you want to get the most out of this whole body exercise right? No point in working the wrong muscles and risking injury.

Let me know if you have something in particular you want me to address. I take requests! What do you want me to show you? What’s been bugging you lately? Do you want help with something specific? I want to know what you are looking for.

Stayed tuned for the next post!  We will see what I have in store for you then.

Until then; Enjoy life, have fun and make it a great day!

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