Time for Knee Folds with the Ball! The ball adds more work for the pelvic floor and transverse abs so they can get strong!

One last blast from the past while I’m on vacation. Although this is an oldie, I still give this out for homework on a regular basis because it’s a basic exercise that strengthens the deep abs. I see so many clients with lower back pain and this is one of my staples I use in their home routines because it can be so effective.

This exercise has been helpful for many of our clients and we want to share it with you; it can help strengthen your abdominals and relieve lower back pain.
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Knee Folds with the Ball is one of our clients’ favorite Pilates home exercises, it helps strengthen the abs, especially the transverse abs which are the deepest abdominals. The transverse abs are the abs everyone talks about to help relieve lower back pain.

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Here is the transcript if you prefer to read along:

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.
We’re going to be doing knee folds with the ball. This is to strengthen the abs and psoas connection. For your safety, please pass on this exercise if you have acute pain in your hips.
Amanda’s going to put the ball underneath her sacrum and when you have the ball under the sacrum, you feel this natural engagement that happens in the pelvic floor, a little bit in transverse abs. That’s good, that’s what we’re looking for. In this exercise, we want to make sure that our feet are hip width apart. You want to feel the tripod of the foot, the big toe metatarsal, little toe metatarsal and the heel grounded on the floor. Palms up, so we’re not using our arms or our pecs too much.

We’re going to start with just breathing, making sure that we connect into the core using the exhale to push the air out, deflate the diaphragm, connect in to the abdominals. When Amanda’s ready, she’s going to bring one leg in tabletop position during the exhale and then when she inhales, she’s going to bring the leg down and then on the exhale, she’s going to switch to the other side, making sure that she’s really grounded on that standing leg side. She wants to feel a little bit of bum connection on the standing leg. You definitely want to feel the psoas working here with the abdominals, the transverse abs, pelvic floor, and obliques working. Amanda’s doing a nice job making sure that she continues to breathe. The ball is a nice tool to get those transverse abs and pelvic floor working.

Now if you find that you’re wobbling in the transition between the two sides, you can just repeat the same side. Just keep that same leg going up and down until you feel you can get some stability in the pelvis. Thanks Amanda.

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