This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

We’re going to be doing a simple inner thigh stretch.  Skip this stretch if you have acute groin or lower back pain.

I’m going to stretch both my inner thighs at the same time and use a yoga bolster for support. I’ll start with my legs in a second position and place the bolster in between them.

I’m going to go over with a flat back … Oh, I already feel the stretch because I’m a little tight today. I went out dancing last night, so I definitely feel it.

I’m using the bolster for support, so that I can have a nice long spine reaching through the crown of my head, so that I’m not folding over. I want to stay nice and flat and my spine reaching through the crown of my head. Just tilting from the pelvis and leaning forward.

I’m going to hang out here for at least a minute, going to try for two. I may even go for three minutes if I can. Now, if I start to feel any kind of pressure under my knee, I could bend the knees a little bit and place something under my knees like some towels maybe or some pillows. If my hamstrings are too tight for me to be able to lean forward and sit, I can place something under my bum, lift myself up a little bit, so that I can lean forward.

There’s also the option of doing one inner thigh at a time where I would fold one leg in and lean forward with the one leg in and then that would get, obviously, the leg that’s extended out, stretch that inner thigh. That’s another option if you’re feeling like doing both at the same time is a little intense or it’s hard for you to find this nice long spine.

Remember, we don’t want to round. Definitely get more of a stretch if you lean forward from the pelvis and keep that nice long spine reaching through the crown of the head.

Have fun with that!

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Until then; Enjoy life, have fun and make it a great day!

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