Time for the all fours torso twist. A simple looking exercise that challenges your core, upper back and spinal mobility.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this if you are in acute pain in your back, neck, hip, or glutes.

We’re going to start in the quadruped, having our toes curled under and lining up our feet with our knees and hips. Let’s make sure our hips over our knees, not behind or in front of our knees. We want to place our hands just about shoulder width apart and slightly in front of the shoulders because this helps activate the upper back muscles.

We want to try to keep our spine as long as possible and reach through the crown of the head. Be aware of your head tilting either up or down.

We want to pull our inner thighs in toward each other so we feel our pelvic floor and transverse abs kick in. We’re already in a very active position once we feel our inner thighs, abs, and upper backs engaged. Remember to try to keep a long spine. From there, without changing anything in the spine, we’re going to bring one arm back behind us.

Without moving the pelvis, we’re going to rotate our spine towards the same side that our arm is back. DO NOT move the pelvis because we want to make sure the rotation is truly coming from our spines. WE WILL FEEL LOTS OF AB WORK IF WE’RE DOING THIS CORRECTLY.

A TIP: Make sure that your elbows are soft, not hyper-extended because you want to make sure you’re using the muscles around the joint for support. We don’t want to lock out our elbow joints. We also want to make sure, as we’re rotating, that we’re not just moving the elbow that’s on the back.

The purpose of the exercise is to work our core and our upper back muscles, but it’s also about finding the rotation and the openness of the thoracic spine.

Have fun!

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