Alright, let’s stretch our backs and work our abs with the forward spine stretch!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine and you want to skip this exercise if you have any acute pain in your back, neck, or shoulders.

We are going to have our legs a little bit wider than shoulder width apart, sitting right on our sit bones and we want to try to be long through the spine. Be aware of leaning forward or tilting back. You can use a bolster under your bum if you find it hard to lengthen through the spine without that support.

We’re going to have our arms shoulder height up, but without getting into the neck, so we want to feel our upper back working. We’re going to inhale to prepare, engage in the abs, and lift up off of our sit bones. On the exhale, pull the belly towards the back of the spine, as you reach forward with the upper back.

On the inhale stack yourself right back up to starting position.

Let’s repeat. Inhale to prepare, lengthening through the spine, pulling the abs in and lifting up off the sit bones.

Exhale, reaching forward with the upper back, as you pull back with the belly.

Inhale, coming back up to the starting position.

To add more stretch, as you go forward, continue to pull the belly back, and continue to reach forward with the upper back, until your fingertips touch the floor. Then, if you want, you can continue even further, making sure you pull the belly back as you’re reaching forward with the upper back.

Inhale and stack yourself back up.

To repeat: Inhale to prepare, lifting up in the abs, lifting up off the sit bones, staying out of the neck and shoulders.

Exhale, pull the belly back, reach the upper back forward. Be careful not to get into the neck.

To increase the stretch, lower the hands down to the floor, as you continue to pull the belly in, reach with the finger tips as you continue to pull the belly in.

Inhale, stacking yourself back up.

It’s easy to get into your neck with your arms shoulder height so PAY EXTRA CLOSE attention to this detail because we want to make sure we’re strengthening our upper back muscles and not aggravating our neck. Also be aware of your abdominals, they should be working the entire time!!!

And that is the forward spine stretch

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