It’s time for the challenging Pilates exercise, double leg straight kick!

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine. You want to skip this exercise if you are in any acute pain in your back, neck, or hip.

We’re gonna start in a tabletop position, making sure that our tabletop feels very active. We want to feel the inner thighs engaged, a little bit of  bum and the deep abdominals already engaged.

Place your hands behind your head and go into an upper ab curl. Make sure that when you go into the upper ab curl, you feel the rectus abdominals connect before you even curl up.  We want to know that we’re using the front line of my body instead of our backs. We also want to feel the deep neck flexors working.

Take a breath in to prepare, exhale, and go into the upper ab curl. Once in the upper ab curl, extend your legs and turn them out just a little bit. Make sure that you’re feeling the rotation of the bum working. You don’t feel grippy in my quads, the psoas should be engaged as well as the abs.

On the exhale lower the legs down only as far as you can without your lower back coming up off of the floor, and then inhale back up. Repeat about 5x times and then rest because it’s a lot of work for the abs and tire quickly.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  Make sure your heels stay connected when your legs are extended, feel the wrapping of the bum and the connection of the psoas so you don’t grip in your quads and your legs don’t feel heavy.

Make sure that as you’re moving the legs, you keep the pelvis very quiet and keep the imprintation of your low back on the floor. You want to feel it very deep and wide across the abdominals,  and feel the wrapping of the bum.

Focus on what’s going on in the upper ads,  feel the upper abs connected, and work the front part of the neck, the deep neck flexors.  As you’re in the curl working the legs, focus on what’s happening in the upper abs and in the front of the neck, making the movements small enough that you can control it and not feel any discomfort in your back.

Feel all of this in the front line of the body and the wrapping of the bum. You’re also gonna feel some inner thigh work because you’re pushing your heels in toward each other.
The double straight leg kick is a challenging exercise for the abdominals, very easy to get into the back, so you want to pay attention that you’re working the front line of the body. This exercise definitely gets that internal furnace going and gets your belly nice and warm.

All right, enjoy. Have fun.

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