Time to strengthen our obliques with the Pilates exercise Criss Cross! Sound good?

You want to skip this exercise if you are in acute pain in your shoulder, back, or hips.

We’re going to be doing criss cross. I give this out a lot after single leg stretch. It’s sort of like the sister exercise to single leg stretch.

Laying down on our backs, hands behind our heads and our legs up into tabletop. We’re going to exhale and make sure that we activate our rectus abdominals as we go into the upper ab curl. Already, I want to feel that I’m active in my upper abs and in my deep neck flexors. I don’t want to feel any strain in my upper back or the back of my neck.

Keeping my elbows wide, I’m going to slightly rotate towards the knee that stays in and extend the other leg out. Then I’m going to curl up and over and switch to the other side. Not a lot of rotation, so I know that I’m staying in my external obliques and not getting into my QL.

I’m going up and over to switch sides, keeping my elbows wide. Then I’m going to pick up that speed, add the breath until I feel a good burn, then I’m going to rest.

Once I’m feeling that burn, I know that my obliques are getting tired, and I don’t want to start compensating and using my upper back, pecs or the back side of my neck. I want to make sure that I’m really staying true to form, so I’ll rest instead of trying to push through it. Then I’ll do another set.

I’m going to exhale into the upper ab curl. Feeling those rectus abdominals already. Then, crossing over into a slight rotation. Now, I want to make sure that the leg that’s extended is challenging me but isn’t too low that I feel my lower back working.

I’m stabilizing my pelvis, so I’m really working those deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis. I’m burning already, and I’m going to rest.

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