We’re going to be doing bridge with knee folds.

You want to skip this exercise if you are in any acute pain in your back or hips.

This is an intermediate exercise to help strengthen the deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, the glutes and the abs.

We’re going to start with the basic bridge. Starting with an inhale to prepare, exhaling in to a deep coccyx curl and going up into the bridge.

Now with this bridge we want to make sure that we’re grounded through our feet and that we feel our glutes more than our hamstrings. That’s really important!

We want to feel our abdominals engaged and make sure that our upper back and shoulders are relaxed so we’re not bowing in the back for this bridge. For this bridge we’re keeping our bra line on the table.

Once we feel stabilized in the bridge and we feel our glutes more than our hamstrings we’re going to ground through the standing side as we knee fold.

I’m really feeling my glutes and my abs kick in as that leg comes up into the knee fold. Always making sure I feel my glutes more than my hamstrings. If I’m feeling my hamstrings more than my glutes I’ll actually come down, rest and reboot.

We want to make sure we’re strengthening the deep stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, that’s the glutes and the abs, not the hamstrings. Again, I’m going to go in to the bridge making sure I feel my glutes and my abs, that I don’t feel stress in my back and I don’t feel my hamstrings dominating.

Then I’m going to go ahead and use my exhale to really bear down into the abdominals. I just do as many as I can before I feel that my hamstrings want to kick in. I’m trying to keep my pelvis very, very quiet. Then I rest when I feel like my hamstrings want to kick in.

That’s the bridge with knee fold.

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