For seven straight years The Body Gallery has been honored with the Talk of The Town Award for excellence in customer service! My business rocks! For me, this is a huge accomplishment.

I work hard to deliver excellent service to my clientele; it is a constant work in progress. I ask myself, ‘What can I do better?’ ‘How can I be better today, than I was yesterday?’ ‘What’s working well, what’s not?’ I work with a business coach, I read books on mindset, skills and other self growth tools. My clients are also integral to my progress; it’s working with them that helps me master my craft. My business is an organic beast continually shifting, changing, and evolving, as am I.

Receiving this award is a HUGE simple pleasure moment of the day for me and I’m proud to see my hard work be acknowledged! It inspires me to persevere through the ups and downs of running a business.

Here’s more info on The Talk of the Town Awards, if you want to see for yourself!

When was your last simple pleasure moment? I’d like to hear about it; write it in the comment box below. Thanks for sharing!


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