All right, today we’re going to be doing a dynamic inner thigh stretch, which can help open up the hips and increase hamstring flexibility.

Pilates Stretch: Dynamic Inner Thigh Stretch

Your hips are the center of every major movement you make. They are a very key component to your main core, which is why it is so important to keep this area strong and flexible. Tightness or stiffness in this area can increase your chances of injury, pain, bad posture, and limited range of motion. With many of us that sit for longer periods of time throughout the day while working, driving, on the computer—we need to take the extra time to stretch and strengthen this area of our body.

Benefits of Hip & Hamstring Flexibility

•Better performance during exercise and daily movements

•Increased range of motion

•Better support for your skeletal structure/spine

•Prevents lower back pain

•Reduces the chance of injury

Let’s Begin


We’re going to be laying down on our backs. I always like to place a towel under my neck for additional support. You’re going to have your legs up on the wall. You’re just going to have a nice, natural breath with this, and you’re just going to open your legs almost as wide as they can go, not quite as wide as they can go, and then you bring them back in. That’s it. We want to make sure that we’re protecting our tendons and our ligaments, so that’s why we don’t want to open up all the way.

We want to stay connected into the function of the muscle to help protect the tendons and the ligaments. We want to keep our knees soft, so that we are protecting our knee joint, and we want to keep our spine and pelvis relaxed and neutral, so we don’t want to move the legs wider than they can go without changing anything in the pelvis, so that way we’re just moving the hips and the legs. The pelvis and the spine are staying neutral. You’re going to do as many as you need until you feel like you’ve increased your range of motion.

What if one leg goes further than the other one?

You may notice that one side wants to go further down than the other. That’s common. It means that one side’s tighter than the other, so you want to go the distance only to the tighter side, so you may feel like you’re not stretching out the looser side as much as the tighter side, but we want to create balance in the hips and in the inner thighs, so it’s important to respect the flexibility and mobility of the tighter side.

That’s the dynamic inner thigh stretch. You shouldn’t feel any numbing, burning, tingling sensations, or any sharp pain. Otherwise, enjoy!

Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen.

All right, my friends. This is what I’m working on…

Goes back to my mindset and what I’m deciding to spend my time thinking on. Am I going to think about what can happen, or what can’t happen? I’m choosing to think about what can happen.

All right, until next time. Take care, and thanks for being here with me!

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