Damn it feels good to hear how I help people. This is why I love what I do; I change people’s lives! Sometimes I undervalue what I do and this reminds me what value I bring into my clients’ everyday world. It’s actually quite priceless and I want to remember this, keep this feeling with me.  It’s a feel good moment!!


Do you want to hear what made me feel this pleased?
My client, Rokelle, wrote this sweet review on Yelp.

“Cassidy is hands down the best of the best pilates instructor/ personal trainer I have ever worked with and I’ve worked with countless personal trainers, Feldenkrais practitioners and pilates instructors throughout the years- all of them experts in their fields.  She understands how the body functions and how to repair issues like no other.  Her method will rebalance your body and optimize your performance.  Everything we do is spot-on for fixing my problems and reaching my goals.  Struggling with knee injuries, muscle cramps and body imbalances all my life, these are problems doctors and other experts couldn’t help me to repair.  You will notice major improvements in just a short amount of time and things you learn from her will change and benefit you for life!” Rokelle S./ loves to travel


These kind words are a lovely reminder of the good I do for people. It’s kinda crazy to think I forget that from time to time. Here I am, working every week, helping people get back into their lifestyle they have missed out on due to old injuries and I under appreciate what I doing for them. Why do I do that? The only person I am hurting when I do that, is myself. Why would I want to do that?

It seems I look for outside validation to find a sense of self worth. I have a hard time giving myself props; I interpret it as being arrogant. This is something I do only to myself. When my friends and colleagues give themselves a pat on the back, I congratulate them on their win. I encourage them to take in the good feeling moment and I pat them on their backs too! I ask how they are going to celebrate their win and how are they are going to continue to keep the positive vibes flowing. So, what about my wins?

Why can’t I win too? What is this old story I am carrying around with me? If I want to move forward I gotta learn to let this one go. I want to learn to be kind to myself  and give myself some loving when I get a win. It’s time to learn I can be confident and unpretentious at the same time. Just because I am giving myself props doesn’t mean I’m an arrogant asshole right?! I have no idea why those two things are so tightly wound up together in my thought process.

Do you ever find yourself being nicer to others than to yourself? What do you do about it? What are some ways you give yourself props and acknowledge the good you do? I’d love to hear your tricks of the trade because I’m ready to let this old story go and move forward and onward to bigger and greater things!

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