A simple thank you note from one of our clients totally made my day!

Like most people, I can be my own worst enemy. I undervalue myself at times, I don’t take in the good that The Body Gallery makes in the lives of our clients. I spend too much time thinking of what is next? How I can I do this better? What is missing?

Of course, I understand there is value to this thinking because it is what drives The Body Gallery to be progressive and innovative but I do need to take the time to absorb all the good we are already doing for our community. We change peoples’ lives! We have clients come in suffering from old injuries, unable to live the lifestyle they want and we help them. We help them get their lives back. That’s pretty f*!#ing sweet!!

How come I struggle to embrace this? Why is it hard for me to give myself a pat on the back for all the hard work we do? I do this for my clients all day, constantly cheerleading them on, positively reinforcing all the hard work they are doing, encouraging them to work harder and smarter. Why not do this for myself?

This simple thank you note reminds me to pat myself on the back and show myself a little love for all the great work we are doing at The Body Gallery. We get people back to enjoying life and having fun because life is too short to live it any other way!

I have posted it up, in the office, on my wall of gratitude so I can look at every time I’m in the studio and get a gentle reminder of the good we are doing.

So, my simple pleasure moment of the day is this precious little love note. Thank you Maria!



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