The Body Gallery has just finished up the pilot project for The Vital 7™, our new mat class program that is unlike any other program available. It’s progressive, forward thinking and focuses on the vision of The Body Gallery. We want to break the glass ceiling on injury prevention and The Vital 7™ is going to be a part of that!



Susanna, a CMT, has these wonderful words to say about her experience with The Vital 7™

“I recently completed The Vital 7 program at The Body Gallery and was blown away by the results I saw. I recently moved to the Bay Area and signed up for The Vital 7 hoping it would help me meet people and find a routine for self-care in this new city. Life goes into upheaval during a move and I have to admit my highest hopes were simply to get through the class, but I ended up getting SO much more. I found each class to be the perfect amount of challenging. Each week I was gaining more body awareness, more strength, and access to muscle groups that I had kind of given up on.

I really appreciated the assessment model of the class because it gave me a lot of perspective on how I had improved and what I could continue to work on going forward. It was a check-in for me and my body. During the first assessment, when the teacher asked me to lift my body like a plank from flat on the ground to the top of push-up position – I laughed and thought to myself, ‘yeah right!’ Before the last assessment at the end of the class I was mentally preparing myself to be disappointed and to not see much improvement, but this stuff WORKS! I still have a ways to go before I can match the skill of the instructors, but the improvement I saw was phenomenal. AND I feel more motivated than I ever have before to keep up with the exercises even after the program has ended. I am truly grateful to Cassidy and her team at the Body Gallery for helping me see my own strength, especially in the middle of so much life transition. I would highly recommend checking them out!”



Thanks for the kind words Susanna!!

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Make it a great day, enjoy life and have fun!
Live Long and Strong!
Cassidy and your team at The Body Gallery


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