This is a great glute exercise that gets the bum burning without load bearing on the knees. I may choose to use this exercise when working with clients who are recovering from a knee injury.

I have worked with many clients recovering from old knee injuries, not only do they need to target their quads, hamstrings, outer and inner thighs but I have found they also need to strengthen their glute connection. This exercise is a great way to get the glutes working without any stress on the knee. We start building the strength of the glute before load bearing on the knee. When we get the glutes stronger and working properly we can add in whole body movement. Once we know the glutes are working properly we can add in exercises like the squat.

It’s important to have confidence that the whole body will work as a unit when doing big movements like the squat. In order to prevent future injuries from occurring we want to make sure muscular compensations are at a minimum. If we jumped right into a squat without knowing if the body was functioning properly we may create muscular imbalances. Our focus is to decrease the compensation patterns. Once we know the body will work efficiently as a unit we can then start building up the whole body movement.

I saw this outline of a knee conditioning program  on and appreciated that it included the glutes too!!


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