This is a great stretch for the chest to counter all the hunching over we do all day long, at our desks. When you get up for your ‘water’ break, add in this stretch, it can help relieve that uncomfortable feeling in your back, neck and shoulders.

This video has not been modified for injury or chronic pain issues. Please talk to your doctor before beginning any exercise routine.

Okay, we will be doing Pec Stretch in the Doorway to stretch out our pecs. If you have acute pain in your shoulders, you may want to pass on this.

We’re going to start with the arms up high so we get the pec minor. Cara’s going to exhale and go into the stretch by leaning into the doorway frame. Now, what we want to watch for, with our clients, is making sure that they’re in a sort of a plank position.

Then inhaling and coming back so you’re not holding your breath. So exhaling into the stretch and then inhaling back out of the stretch, and Cara’s going to repeat that.

Notice how she’s lowering the arms down, so now she’s going to get into the pec majors. Noticing how she’s kind of in a plank position as she’s going into the stretch, making sure that she’s not leading with her chin and her face and her neck, and also that she’s following through with the pelvis.

Then she’s going to go and bring her arms lower to get back into those minor pecs. Exactly. That’s the Pec Stretch in the Doorway.

We hope this helps you feel better. We gotta show our bodies some love and take care of ourselves so we can enjoy our lives! Make sure to take plenty of moments to counter all that hunching over.

Please feel free to share the love and pass this along to your fun loving, go getter friends who care about themselves.

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