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“I would highly recommend The Body Gallery to anyone who wants to learn more and improve the way they move.”
-Rome P. software engineer/cross fit enthusiast

The vision of the The Body Gallery is seeing a world of people living the lifestyle that makes them feel most alive. 

Are you ready to get back into your active lifestyle and achieve long term results? Are you ready to get your life back and feel the joy again?

Our program works best for the client who values the health of their body and are ready to do the work it takes to achieve balance. Most of our clients are active in some way, from cross fitters to new moms and dads, and they have been slowed down by old injuries or current tweaks and twinges that seem persistent.

“I am an older runner, and had a few chronic aches and pains that I had sought treatment for over the years, but with no success. After several tries, I just resigned myself to the pain. For years. After just a few sessions (at The Body Gallery), my most severe problem completely resolved, and has not recurred.”
-Norma M. lawyer/runner

We use a full postural assessment and movement screening to design your personalized Pilates program and we screen regularly to keep up with your changing body mechanics.

We look at what your weakest link is in your movement and posture and focus on strengthening it. We assess regularly to make sure we keep up with what the weakest link is, taking out all the guesswork of your program planning.

As you condition your body, your body mechanics change. It’s necessary to re-evaluate on a regular basis to make sure we are creating your sessions according to your most urgent need. This is what keeps your body in balance and minimizes your risk of future injuries.

“I went to (The Body Gallery) after neglecting my body for over 2 years of no exercise, I work as a hairstylist and have always suffered from bad backs, aching hips and legs. I am absolutely amazed at how (The Body Gallery) has helped me align my body and to strengthen areas to give me full support in my work.”
-Jules C. hairstylist/hiker

It’s easy to book an appointment; just click on the book a class button above and schedule online!

We look forward to working with you and getting you back into your active lifestyle. It’s time to get your life back and feel the joy again!.