Who We Are

about us

The vision of the The Body Gallery is seeing a world of people living their active lifestyle, injury free and enjoying their everyday lives. Let’s break the glass ceiling on injury prevention!!

Our mission is to educate the world on the value of injury prevention and how to teach people to move well so they can live long, strong and enjoy their fun time!

We use a tangible screening system to design our Pilates program. There is NO guesswork when it comes to planning, and our results are tested and measured. There is no guesswork if our program is working or not, we are confident in our ability to help our clients receive the benefits they are in need of.

“The Body Gallery is far beyond a unique Pilates experience. What Cassidy and her team of trainers have done is a whole different league altogether. It’s not your typical Pilates fitness studio; it’s more like a personalized rebalancing facility. “

These are a few of the words used by our fabulous, go getter clients who get to work with us. We love working with boot campers, cross fitters, cyclists, dads, dancers, hikers, kayakers, martial artists, moms, paintballers, runners, skiers, surfers, tennis players, triathletes, and yogis.

“If you want peak health and performance, this is the studio for you. The Body Gallery is here to help you build a healthier, more balanced you. If you are looking to re-train your body so you can improve how you work or play and have a pain free life, you do not want to miss an opportunity to work with the trainers at The Body Gallery.”

Even though our clients pursue a wide range of activities, they share the love of balance, health and energy.
Our vision is our passion, and our passion is injury prevention. Our goal is to stop the injuries before they even happen.

The Body Gallery has helped thousands of clients recover from a wide range of injuries, and unfortunately, most of the time, they were injuries that could have been prevented in the first place.

Many injuries occur over a long period of time caused by muscle imbalances that stress out our bodies. We ignore the signs the body gives us, like the tweaks and twinges, and we keep pushing along, until one day, we go to tie our shoe and our back goes out. Or we go to reach up to the top cabinet and our shoulder starts screaming with sharp pain. Ouch!

These examples are some of the most common types of injury stories we hear from our clients. They were just living their lives, doing normal, everyday stuff and boom! Out of, what we think is no where, we hurt ourselves. But, the real answer is we have been out of balance so long and we did nothing about it, until it’s too late. Now, of course, accidents do happen, but many injuries CAN BE PREVENTED.

After 17 years of experience, we have found a passion for injury prevention! We believe it to be a worthy cause and one we will stand by.

We are constantly striving for excellence and your optimal health. We analyze case studies, we review exercises to stay current, we sit and brainstorm ideas so that we are a unified powerhouse of knowledge for our clients.
If we can help our clients live their active lifestyles pain free and far from the MD’s office, we’re a happy crew!

The clients who gets the best result, are the clients who do the the work it takes to make the changes required, to receive the results they desire. Our program won’t work, if the clients don’t do the work required. That’s why we love working with fabulous, go getters peeps and why our program isn’t for everyone!

Are you ready to feel balanced, healthy and energized? If you are ready to take the next step, feel free to book an appointment online today. If you want further information, email us. We’re happy to answer all of your questions!

Enjoy life, have fun and make it a great day! Live long and strong!
Cassidy and your team at The Body Gallery