At The Body Gallery we believe time is our most precious asset, that every moment counts. That’s why we encourage our clients to live long and strong, have fun and enjoy life.
Cassidy has been teaching Pilates since 1999 and is more passionate than ever about helping her clients find their inner strength and personal spirit! She uses her skill, creativity, positive mindset and supportive attitude to create personalized programs that are tested and measured to achieve results. When you engage the Body Gallery, we guarantee Cassidy will do her best to support you in your journey toward your healthiest and best possible self.

  • Cassidy Moore
    Cassidy Moore
    Owner/Trainer PMA® CPT
Cassidy Moore
Owner/Trainer PMA® CPT

"If you are looking to re-train your body so you can improve how you work or perform and have a pain-free life, you cannot miss an opportunity to work with Cassidy!”
-Jennifer C., Bodyworker/Runner/Yoga practitioner

"Cassidy's insight into the human body and movement is amazing.”
-Rome P., Software Engineer/Cross Fit

"I am absolutely amazed at how Cassidy has helped me re-align my body and to strengthen areas to give me full support in my work.”
-Jules C., Hairstylist/Hiker

I have been in practice since 1999, originally certified in Body Contrology. This is what Joseph Pilates called his method.

I have trained with notable practitioners in the following arenas:
Rehabilitation with Lizz Roman, Marie-Jose Blom and Amanda Jessee
Myofacial Meridian Training with Thomas Myers
Assessing and Correcting Global Movement Patterns with Tom McCook.
Alleviating Hyperextension with Amy Taylor Alpers                                                           Practical Release with Casey Marie Herdt

I have served nearly 300 clients since founding my practice. There are a couple that stand out from recent memory.

One woman has a severe case of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. This is a painful condition with an array of symptoms. Her condition has improved and she is now able to continue her labor intensive work in the manufacturing field of fashion.

Another great success story involves a man with inflammation along his spinal column. He was in pain and barely walking when we met. Now, he is out pain, moving better, and has returned to cross fit and conditioning classes!

Heartfelt expert Pilates training that sparks personal spirit, activates inner strength and makes you fall in love with life again.

I believe we can move with strength and ease.  It's a beautiful, effortless balance, if we learn how to move well. That's what I want to do, teach you how to move well, so you hurt less, last longer and live a full life.

More about Cassidy
I love going out dancing, weekend getaways, art, going to the symphony and ballet, and spending time with friends and family.