"Hi I'm Adam, I'm a software engineer. I like hiking and stuff, but I'm not an extremely active person. Well since I spend a lot of time on the computer, I've definitely, over the years developed a repetitive stress injury where my shoulders, and neck would always be stiff and sore, and my wrists, and hands.
It's great how I get so much personal attention. I feel like its more than just Pilates. It's almost like physical therapy. To say that my pain has basically gone away, I rarely have any kind of sickness, or pain, or for a lot longer stretch before I start noticing those things. And I just feel like I learned a lot of habits. Its like they’ve been able to help me, so like I can totally notice my awareness of my body, back and neck, carrying myself, or how I'm sitting in front of the computer. I definitely feel stronger, and more connected, and now that there's feedback and testing, you can measure how well you're doing, and kind of mix it up so its more fun. It’s nice to see that kind of progress."

Adam, he's a Software Engineer who enjoys hiking.