My name is Denise, and I have a massage and body work practice in San Francisco. So along with my job, that's physically taxing, I love to dance, cycle, run, hike, swim (if I can), kayak, pretty much I like to be very active.
I came to The Body Gallery because I know with my work that I have certain issues that can bring injury. So I came here because I wanted to maintain my health, maintain my strength, and be able to do my job without injury, and also do all the activities that I love.
For someone who's never been here, I would say that it's very inviting and welcoming. You get a chance to really have your one on one specialized attention. It's a nice space where you can actually let go, learn a lot, work hard, and also have a lot of fun.
I know I'm getting results because I do my homework at home, and I see my progression. Also when I'm doing my job, I'm using proper body mechanics, and also when I come in for a session, we get to do a reassessment. So there's a scoring system, it's like instant gratification, I know I'm improving, so it's great."
As I make progress with this work, I'm really looking forward to continuing doing my job, and having a longer duration of doing activity not only with my work, but with all the activities. So I want to be physically active, for a long time. So I'm excited that with this work that it's going to allow me to do that.

Denise, she's a CMT who loves the outdoors, including cycling, running and kayaking just to name a few.