I went to Cassidy after neglecting my body for over 2 years of no exercise. I work as a hairstylist and have always suffered from bad backs, aching hips and legs.
I am absolutely amazed at how Cassidy has helped me re-align my body and to strengthen areas to give me full support in my work.
What I also find so amazing is how much she understands the body and I can go in with an ache and pain in my back and she can immediately pinpoint it, press it, manipulate it and the pain is gone!! Bloody Brilliant, as we say in the UK!!!!
It's been almost a year of working with Cassidy and now I don't have any problems with my body at all, and my core strength actually has just that - strength!
There are muscles under there that she found and worked and I don't think I could live without my weekly sessions with Cassidy.
I highly recommend Cassidy and all at The Body Gallery to anyone who needs to fine tune their body : )

Jules, she's a Hairstylist and enjoys long walks/hikes.