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We now offer a functional movement screening in addition to our postural assessment. Call us, email us today for more information!


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Welcome to The Body Gallery Downtown San Francisco!

Are you an active person? Are you tired of being in pain and feeling older in your body than you really are? Do you want to get back to your optimal health and achieve results? If the answer is yes to any of these questions we would love to work with you!

The Body Gallery is one of the best Pilates studios in San Francisco, established in 1999. We have just been inducted into the San Francisco Awards Business Hall of Fame! We have been awarded and recognized by The US Commerce Association, SF Gate's Bay List, Comcast's Best of the Bay and SF Magazine. Our mission at The Body Gallery is for our clients to improve their posture, exercise using a healthy and effective fitness/workout routine and help women prepare for birth with a prenatal Pilates program.

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What's great about The Body Gallery is we are a boutique sized studio catered to our clients needs and exceptional customer service. We create a program designed for each client unlike the fitness club or center designed to accommodate the masses. Our clients enjoy a warm, comfortable and personalized environment. Our trainers go the extra mile to ensure our clients achieve their goals while staying healthy and injury free. One of the reasons Pilates training at The Body Gallery is different than personal training is we look into the root causes of imbalance and weakness. We offer a full postural assessment and muscle function testing to discover how to begin and design the right workout for our clients. Our clients have the confidence in our services knowing they are receiving the best training.

The Body Gallery is a warm, welcoming Pilates studio conveniently located between the Financial District and Union Square. We pride ourselves on the quality of instruction, the knowledge of our practice and the passion we have for what we do. It is a lovely escape from the day's stress, accented with plants and artwork. We love maintaining a tranquil studio that is never overcrowded.  A unique and truly special studio that creates an environment to encourage an experience that feels healing and powerful. Come and experience Pilates at The Body Gallery and expect to learn and have fun in the process.